WordPress Themes from professionals!

Hint: This is not an advertising, it’s a review.

Since about one year I am partly using WordPress Themes from Themeisle, so the theme and design for this website.

Themeisle has a good portfolio of free and premium themes. My used theme is the free version of a premium theme. I think it has a lot of features and a great design (if it wouldn’t have, I wouldn’t use it. 🙂 ).

As a web developer I normally create my own designs and functionality for a website. But for some cases I need a fast installation with a nice backend, database and the possibility for publishing blog posts. For this cases my first choice is WordPress. I don’t want to get deeper in WordPress in this post, but let me say: for me it’s the best Blog- and CMS-tool.

For the design of this website here I’m using the „Parallax One“ theme. It’a a very nice business theme with great options even in the free version:

  • Responsive Design
  • Parallax Effect
  • Color Options
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Localisation

…and much more.

With the „Intergeo – Google Maps Plugin“ supported (by Themeisle, paid), you can easily create nice Google Maps (Google Maps API needed). And with the „Pirate Forms“ plugin (by Themeisle, too, free) you also can create nice and easy contact forms to get in touch with your visitors or customers. Of course, there are more plugins available by Themeisle.

The theme has a nice user experience and is easy to set up. If you need some support, the team of Themeisle helps you with pleasure.

Because I am a big fan of Material Design, perhaps I will try out the theme „Hestia“ form Themeisle. Maybe in the next days or weeks.

If you’re a WordPress Developer/Designer, too, take a look on the nice page of Themeisle and try out their great tools.